Scale your legal expertise.

We empower next-generation legal teams to digitise and scale their legal service offering. Encode your expert knowledge, automate decisions, and generate customised documents across all legal domains on Legal OS.

Developed with and trusted by world class legal professionals.

The first no-code toolchain purpose built for legal engineering.

Legal engineers are playing an increasingly important role in legal teams’ efforts to scale their offering, address increasing demand, and remain agile in a rapidly changing world. However, without the right tools, legal engineering can struggle to deliver real business value. At Legal OS, we have built a no-code engine that enables legal engineers to translate legal expertise into code and an intuitive platform that enables legal experts to automate complex tasks from this code, thus enabling automation at previously unimaginable scale and complexity.

First encode your expertise

Our no-code builder, Forest, enables your team to rapidly turn your expert knowledge into digital knowledge graphs. No coding skills are required, only your legal expertise. These graphs can later be used to generate documents or automate processes through the Legal OS Platform (or other compatible apps using integrations/API). Our own world-class team of Legal Engineers can support the creation of knowledge graphs, or complete this process entirely, where required.

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Next automate expert work

Our automation platform is so easy to use, you can automate expert work in minutes with no training. The graph you build on Forest are automatically available on the platform. Complex documents with thousands of permutations, such as an Investment Agreement, can be generated by completing a questionnaire.

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Finally empower your clients

You can publish knowledge graphs as apps to clients and business users. These apps are simple questionnaires, accessible with a unique link. You can deliver apps for legal intake or to empower your clients and business users to generate their own documents.