Build digital legal services

We empower lawyers, legal teams, and law firms to build and release legal services as software products in hours.

Developed with and trusted by world class legal professionals.

Deliver expertise effortlessly

Legal OS empowers lawyers to deliver their expertise at scale. Once encoded, lawyers can access their digitised expertise and create bespoke documents (SPAs, shareholder agreements, legal risk assessments) in high quality, at unprecedented speed, and without repetitive donkeywork. Alternatively, this digitised expertise can be embedded across an organisation via our API, automating compliance. This allows lawyers to focus on clients’ business objectives to create higher added value with their legal expertise. 

First map your expertise

Our no-code platform, enables your team to rapidly turn your expert knowledge into digital knowledge graphs. No coding skills are required, only your expertise. These graphs can later be used to build legal service products, generate documents, embed compliance, or automate processes through the open source Legal OS automation platform. Our own world-class team of Legal Engineers can support the creation of knowledge graphs, where required.

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Next automate expert work

Our open source automation platform is so easy to use, you can automate expert work in minutes with no training. Your knowledge graphs are automatically available on the platform. Complex documents with thousands of permutations, such as an Investment Agreement, can be generated by completing a questionnaire.

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Finally empower your clients

Because we're open source, you can customise the automation platform to suit your needs. Brand it how you want. Add features. Or attach your knowledge graphs to entirely an custom interface with our well-documented and intuitive API.

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