We are Legal OS

By bringing together the power of automation with complex legal decision making, our technology empowers you to focus on the needle-moving, strategic work.

Our story

Founded in 2018 by a female-led leadership team, Legal OS has legal innovation in its DNA. Co-Founder Lilian inherited a groundbreaking vision for law from her father, Legal Tech pioneer Stephan Breidenbach.

As a professor of law, Stephan spent decades articulating the logic of legal reasoning to his students. Through this work, he developed an intuitive, machine readable methodology for mapping complex legal reasoning. He then tested and evolved this methodology consulting on high profile cases.

Together, we saw an opportunity to embed this methodology into a tool dedicated to automating legal work in-house and in practice, purpose built for how lawyers work and think without compromising on complexity.

Our mission is to advance legal automation to previously unimaginable levels, to empower a single lawyer to do the work of ten.

Our values


We are open with what we don’t know and what we don’t understand. We question our assumptions and include new perspectives. We own our blind spots and openly communicate our weaknesses. And we create spaces in which we can experiment without the fear of making a mistake—or at least we hold that fear with open arms.


We are obsessed with complex systems, legal automation, and building elegant, intuitive product experiences that offer fundamentally new value. When we're not building Legal OS, we're discussing other complex problem spaces and exploring the latest technology. Perhaps complex problem spaces have a certain allure; perhaps we simply get a kick from watching our product reinvent how legal work is done; or perhaps there's no end to our obsession, and we're cool with that.

Holding Complexity

Complex systems have a proliferation of components and a great deal of interdependency between these components. Law is complex. And we are committed to building a system that honours this complexity, that makes it accessible and approachable, but that does not seek to simplify it.


True innovation can't be mapped on a gantt chart. We remain curious and open to what is evolving in the moment.  In this way, we are not limited to a preset agenda nor are we limited by preconceived notions of how we will achieve a particular outcome. This approach is key for working within complex problem spaces and this is the kind of work we love.

Get to know us

Our deeply cross functional team is made up of a unique blend of legal and tech experts, united in the ambitious desire to reimagine how legal work gets done.

"Legal OS has a deeply cerebral culture that still feels human. We balance deep thinking with decisive action, cross-functional co-creation with personal agency, empathy and respect for one another with grit, and an obsession with our customers and product with respect for our lives outside of work."

Paul Lacey

Head of Product, Legal OS

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