We have built an engine that digitises legal expertise.

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No-code for legal

Forest is a no-code environment that enables you turn legal expertise into digital tools. Forest is designed for legal minds: build, debug, and test without writing a single line of code.

Model laws, documents, and processes to empower you and your team to automate expert tasks in minutes without compromise. Our powerful legal logic engine can encode any complexity at any level of granularity.

No code engine
Instant error checker
Testing environment
Automatic upload

No compromises

Automation is usually synonymous with simplification and standardisation. At Legal OS, we understand the importance of exceptional quality, impeccably formatted documents. This is why Forest enables the encoding of even the most complex, bespoke legal expertise. This ensures any document or process automated through Legal OS is fit for purpose and compliant, as if you had painstakingly freehand drafted it yourself.

Highlights of Forest features

Lightbulb and brain to metaphorically show how expertise is digitised

Engine for legal logic

The software provides lawyers with the technical tools to translate legal thinking into code. Any form of legal logic and complex legal context can be implememented and mapped.

A folder with connections to computer screens to symbolise digital legal intake

One-click Error Checking

It is easy to debug your knowledge graphs on Forest. Check for errors with a single click and receive detailed, descriptive error messages with handy links to the effected node(s).

A graph network with formulas to symbolise the concept behind our no-code engine

Testing Environment

Before finalising your knowledge graph and sharing it with team members, you will want to test how it works. With Forest, a testing environment comes as standard.