With Legal OS you can scale and improve the quality of your legal service offering.

Benefits for Law Firms


Increase internal efficiency, maximise actualised hourly rates, and scale revenues while maintaining the unique quality of your legal service offering.

How? Once your expertise is digitised, you can automate expert tasks, such as complex document generation, offering digital services to your clients, and perfect formatting of lengthy agreements.

Highest Standards

Ensure everyone in your firm maintains the high standards you set without constant back-and-forth redlining.

How? You can enable associates and paralegals to access your digitised expertise through the Legal OS platform. This empowers these team members to generate documents and complete processes as if you had done it yourself.

Future Proof

Digitised expertise remains in the firm even when well-trained lawyers come and go.

How? Your team can gradually encode more and more of your expertise over domains and jurisdictions. The result is a digital system of record that contains the expertise of the best lawyers in your firm.

Features for Law Firms

Precise formatting

We understand the importance of a consistent CI in your documents. We have a seamless integration to MS word. You can download your document perfectly formatted with dynamic references and numbering.

Apps for legal intake

Intake of information for contract creation can be automated through the platform, and as all legal logic of the contract is encoded a first draft can be created by your client directly.

A graph network with formulas to symbolise the concept behind our no-code engine

Formulas and connected data

All of your data in all relevant documents is synchronised to reduce redundant input and maintenance, especially when updating the particulars of a deal.