Benefits for Legal Departments

Save Time

Modern legal departments face the challenge of having to do more with fewer resources. Legal OS saves you and your team time on repetitive tasks, freeing up resources to focus on strategic or complex issues.

How? Your expertise is digitised in knowledge graphs; from these you can automate highly bespoke documents simply through the Legal OS platform. Save time on collaboration by safely co-creating documents with the departments you serve without email-loops, chaotic redlines, and unwanted changes to templates.

Stay in Control

Enforce legal and corporate policies by ensuring that your templates are always up-to-date and the creation of documents is compliant across your organisation. Decentralised legal processes in your organisation can be managed from a single place, your legal department.

How? Business professionals without legal expertise--from Sales, Procurement, or HR departments--can create compliant contracts easily via a self-service portal. Legal OS gives you control over who can make changes to your templates, fill-out only, read only etc.

Be Digital

The legal expertise within a legal department is essential for the smooth running of any business. By digitising this expertise, it becomes more readily accessible by non-expert business users. Digital legal expertise can be delivered rapidly, at scale, ensuring contracts are no longer blockers in doing business, but instead are transformed into vital sources of business intelligence.

How? Legal OS enables you to map the complex decision making logic of your legal team using an intuitive no-code editor, purpose built for legal professionals.

Features for Legal Departments


Fragmentation of tools is a major time killer. Legal OS can seamlessly integrate with the tools you use everyday, ensuring data is connected and synchronised across all systems.

A folder with connections to computer screens to symbolise digital legal intake

Self-service apps

Empower your business users to independently create high quality, compliant and consistent legal documents. Maintain control by managing all templates centrally.

A graph network with formulas to symbolise the concept behind our no-code engine

Formulas and connected data

All of your data in all relevant documents is synchronised to reduce redundant input and maintenance, especially when updating the particulars of a deal.