The legal expertise automation platform
for real legal work.

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A graph network with formulas to symbolise the concept behind our no-code engine

Scale your expertise

Automate the execution of your legal decisions, draft documents, execute complex legal calculations, manage contract and client data, and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders on an easy to use platform, purpose built for complex legal work.

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For law firms and inhouse legal

Legal OS for Law Firms

The software provides lawyers with the technical tools to translate legal thinking into code. Any form of legal logic and complex legal context can be implememented and mapped.

Legal OS for Inhouse Teams

The intake of information for contract creation can be automated through the platform and, as all legal logic of the contract is encoded, a first draft can be created by your client directly.

Built simple for complexity

The Legal OS platform is purpose built for serious legal work, but it has been designed from the ground up to ensure ease-of-use, no learning curve, and rapid adoption for you and your team. Features include:

  • Save entities once; reuse forever
  • Sync information across documents
  • Calculate input fields using Excel formulas
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