Build self-executing playbooks, fast

Legal OS helps GCs at the world’s fastest growing companies automate repeatable, predictable work.

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Purpose built experiences for GCs and the teams they support

A powerful playbook builder for GCs to automate legal work

Our playbook builder has been built from the ground up for the unique challenges faced by general counsels at high growth businesses. GCs can map common negotiation scenarios, define recommended actions, and pre-approve plays with our visual conditions editor.

Zero-effort, intuitive experiences for revenue generating teams

Legal OS empowers revenue generating teams to take action with immediate, trustworthy guidance. The experience for rev gen teams is highly intuitive and integrates directly into a range of CRMs to ensure adoption is easy.

Negotiation playbooks

Build negotiation playbooks in minutes

Assign plays to particular negotiation scenarios. Then assign conditions to your plays to guide your sales & marketing teams to the correct play. The Legal OS playbook builder makes it easy to pre-approve and recommend particular plays for your revenue generating teams with incredible nuance.

Self-executing plays

Assign automatic actions to plays

Once the most effective play is identified, the sales or marketing executive can execute this play with a single click. The resulting actions range from inserting a fallback into a document to drafting a justification email.

Tracked changes

Track versions through negotiation rounds

Keep track of updates to playbooks, templates, and document versions. Track edits and enacted plays throughout a deal in the Legal OS versioning panel. Ensure proper governance at every step of the negotiation process.

Docx support

Docx compatibility on upload & download

Upload any word document as a document automation template and retain formatting. Build a playbook that uses these automation templates. Execute plays that action fallbacks and value changes on automated documents. And then download back to docx with formatting retained.

Document automation

Automate contracts, letters, reports, and more

Set up dynamic templates for your documents, from simple letters to complex m&a contracts. Then share these templates with your business teams as intuitive apps.

Easy editing

Lean, purpose built text editor for GCs

The multiplayer text editor enables you to build complex, professionally formatted documents with zero fuss. No more double and triple checking document formatting. Easily reorganise document sections, reformat text in blocks, and work with all the legal specific formatting you need.


Integrate into the systems your teams use every day

Self-service apps

Self-serve apps for growth teams

Publish playbooks as intuitive, mobile-first apps for revenue generating teams. These apps are purpose built for sales & marketing professionals, ensuring adoption is easy and existing workflows aren't disturbed.

  • A sales person can raise a query or request through the intuitive app that integrates closely with most CRMs use cases.

  • Triage is automated making it fast and simple for a sales person to find the most effective play for a given scenario.

  • Pre-approved plays self-execute ensuring the correct action is taken with minimal effort from the sales person.