A digital knowledge base for data-driven contracting.

Automatic Drafting.

Our contract builder enables you to generate even the most complex contracts in seconds or minutes, rather than hours and days. And our builder doesn’t limit you to a fixed range of terms and static wording. Instead, difficult terms can be solved effortlessly via the clause library, and the more you use it the smarter it gets.

Knowledge Management.

Without Legal OS, keeping contract templates up-to-date is tough. Finding the most recent or most relevant version of a contract template is even harder.

With Legal OS, your templates are always the most recent version. You only have to update the relevant clause and every template containing that clause will auto-update. If any existing contracts contain the outdated clause, you will be notified, making it easy to manage risk for your clients.

Legal Engineering.

Your entire knowledge base is converted, maintained, and secured by our team of knowledge architects. All you do is draft your contracts; our team and platform manage the rest. You’re left with a searchable library of contracts, clauses, and decisions, so you never have to repeat work.