Legal Engineers are legal professionals who translate legal expertise, legal standards, and procedures into digital formats

Build tools for clients
Visualise legal expertise
Define legal processes
Turn expertise into code

What is Legal Engineering?

Legal Engineering is a new profession that bridges law and code to enable the digital transformation of legal work. Legal Engineers bring both legal and IT competencies. Legal logic is translated by Legal Engineers using tools such as Forest into a format that can be understood by both lawyers and IT systems.

Legal Engineers need strong logical skills, a creative mindset, and an interest in the “why” behind the law. An understanding of code is a benefit to Legal Engineers, but tools such as Forest enable users to work through a no-code interface. The best Legal Engineers are great legal thinkers with a legal tech skillset.

Legal engineering service

If the idea of working with our no-code tool is daunting, our inhouse team of world class legal engineers are here to help. Our team will:

  • Upskill your own team of legal engineers through our academy
  • Provide feedback and guidance on our no-code builder, Forest, and the legal engineering process
  • Support hiring using our deep industry knowledge and pipeline of qualified legal engineers

Alternatively our legal engineers can digitise your knowledge for you with your oversight.

Lightbulb and brain to metaphorically show how expertise is digitised

Become a Legal Engineer

Forest is currently available to a select group of legal teams and individuals. Within this early access program, our inhouse legal engineer experts work with participants to turn them into world class legal engineers.

  • Learn how to work with Forest
  • Learn how to structure and visualise legal expertise
  • Learn how legal engineers operate within the top digital legal teams
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